Mission Statement

Asian American InterVarsity (AAIV) is a welcoming community that explores the transformative teachings of Jesus and its intersection with Asian/-American identity. We seek to resonate with Asian/-American students of all ethnic and faith backgrounds through culturally and spiritually relevant talks, discussion-based Bible studies, and spiritual mentorship.


Every Friday night at 7 PM at Ida Noyes West Lounge, the entire fellowship gathers to worship, fellowship, and wrestle with issues of faith, culture, and what it means to seek faith in the university environment...and just hang out! Our hope is that you will feel welcome as we seek to show the love of Jesus to one another, our campus, and our community.

Looking for deeper community? Check out a small group! Once a week, small groups meet in various dorms across campus to fellowship and read a passage from scripture. Whether you’ve been Christian your whole life or are just beginning to explore Christianity, small groups are a place everyone can learn more about the transformative teachings of Jesus.

We believe that a big part of spiritual growth is having mentors who not only speak truth into our lives but also help us translate our faith into meaningful action. Throughout the year, we will be matching upper-classmen with under-classmen to meet up, as well as to go forth and serve the fellowship, the campus, and the community in various ways.                                                           



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